{The Farm House}

As part of a new reality show they were all forced to live together in the same house.

Einstein had some thinking to do.

Einstein was freaking out, he didn't know how to change diapers.

After the failure of his latest play Shakespeare went on a drinking binge. Latter that day he wrote the famous line "to puke or not to puke, that is the question".

Shakspere was not very impressed with Eistein's new invention of the fridge-toilet, he wondered if this was the research that his plays were now funding.

Einstein was upset about the failure of his experiment and shakspere had to talk him down off the ledge.

In a moment of rage Einstein attacked everyone with a chair.

Nobody suspected that she was having an affair with Optimus Prime...

Shakespeare was not impressed with how Einstein was taking care of the baby.

Shakespeare didn't notice Mr. Data watching him through the window.

Ken was very attracted to Rainbow Brite's oversized head.

Ken and Barbie were not going to let the giant dead horse ruin their night of fun.

Einstein, Shakspere, and Mr Data practiced their breakdancing moves in the kitchen.

Cookie Monster was stalking Barbie.

Einstein did his best thinking while wearing his fuzzy pink bath robe.

Cookie monster impresses My Little Pony by baking some cookies for her.

She had no idea that Einstein was hiding under her bed.

Einstein climbed Rupunzel's hair

Ariel commanded her dog to atack Shakspere