{The Farm Conspiracy}

Part I

All the other animals were really upset with what the sheep had done.

The cow didn't even at all seem scared of the giant foot.

The animals lined up and compared tails.

Old McDonald woke up to this.

The scene just before the farm's private investigator showed up.

The farmer thought that the new sleeping style of the animals was strange, but then he realized that they were dead and there was nothing normal about the way they had died.

Snufalufagus confronted the animals on the farm. He was sick of them saying that he wasn't real.

As Snufalufagus fought the farm animals he knew that Big Bird would be proud of him.

Not sure if the cow or the mermaid was more surprised by what happened next!

The animals used the giant etch-a-scetch to plan out their revenge against the farmer.

Albert Eienstien came riding into town on a lama.

The lama was scared of the other farm animals so he was hiding in a tea pot. Unfortuantly he didn't know the plans that the local family of giants had to have a tea party that afternoon.

The farm animals wondered if they should trust this new yellow creature who arrived and quacks all day and all night. Of course if they had done a background check they would have found out that the duck owned the local slaughter house.

It was the ducks vs everyone else in the barn yard rummble.

There was no doubt in their minds.... The duck was dead.....

Before attacking the farmer each animal sent a blackberry email as an alibi. Unfortuante for them they should have used an iPhone because yet again RIM's servers were down.

In disguise the animals approached the farmer's house.

Ragady Andy was a friend of the farmer and the animals decided to make an example of him.

The animals were on trial for their crimes and were surprised to learn that Kermit was the judge.

Einstein planned to get revenge on the farmer for trapping him inside a giant bird house.

The animals knew that with the Gruffalo helping them out they would easly be able to get away with their plans.

The giraffe had fallen in love and this worried the other animals. Was his new girlfriend Sophie going to go along with their master plan against the farmer?

After a few shots of tequilla Kermit loosened up and the farm animals knew that he would no longer be a problem for them especially since they had photos.

With their newly obtained atomic wepon the farm animals marched towards the city centre.

In the dark of night the animals moved the Trojan Squirrel into the farm yard so that it would be the first thing seen by the farmer in the morning.

The farm animals practiced their communication skills....

After the farm animals snuck out through the back door, the farmer entered the big red barn and found the message that they had left.