{The Farm Conspiracy}

Part II

For what the Ginger bread man had done to the cow, the farm animals got the ultimate revenge.

After smoking something that Twink gave him, the horse said that he started to be followed around by a giant bunny head.

Einstein and Shakspere contemplated the situation with Ned. Ned was critical to their plan but after a night out with the farm animals all he wanted to do was sleep.

Mamm-Llama showed up at the farm to be a mediator between the farmer and the farm animals but there was nobody to be found.

Einstein prepare himself for the upcoming events by doing pushups.

The smallest member of the family of giants that lived near the farm was busy doing survailance on the farm animals who were trying to blend in and hide while they waited for their plot to unfold.

The Farm Animals were amazed to find pixtures of themselves on FaceBook. Who had been taking these pictures and why did this one say they were dead?  Was it the family of giants that were secretly spying on them?

The donkey had been sent by Eienstien and Shakspere to explain the plan to the farm animals.

Disguised as a pig the Girafe was pretty sure that the farmer wouldn't notice him approaching.

The smallest of the giants inturupted a meeting of the farm animals.

The sheep with the rain coat and the donkey found the body of the Ginger bread man

Had their plan gone wrong? Nobody expected this!

They couldn't figure out exactly what it was but something about the new cow that arrived on the farm just didn't seem right.

The other animals didn't think it was at all strange that the cow had started wearing big socks.

Feeling like he was looseing hope on ever achieveing victory over the farmer, the cow went to visit the wise turtle for advice.

The farm animals visited their local public library. They all got library cards except for the horse because he failed the required background check.

None of the farm animals noticed when Twink went off to make a phone call. If they were to check Twink's phone records they may have questioned what he was doing calling the farm house.

In a strange twist, the farm animals were abducted by a group of alien penguins. The farmer's problems were now solved. Coincidence?.....the end.....

Recent evidence uncovered the following photo taken prior to the alien penguin invasion on the farm. The picture depicts Twink carrying out some sort of brain transfer experiment on the cow and one of the aliens. Is it possible that the farmer's troubles haven't really come to an end?

The farm animals had returned from their abduction stronger then ever. Soon they would take over the farm, then the world!  Never again would they wait for some human to feed them or milk them and their hair would for sure never be made into another sweater.