{The Farm Conspiracy}

Part II

The animals weren't sure what they had stumbled onto. Was it a trap?

The farm animals did some studying in order to write their manifesto for world domination.

The rest of the animals really were not sure what the cow was up to now.

The farm animals wondered who this sheep in a rain coat was. Any chance that this lamb might help in their mission against the farmer or was she sent by the farmer as a spy.

The animals were not being very sucsesfull at this test of inteligence that had been put unfront of them.

Nobody on the farm ever expected this!

The farm animals all wondered what the relationship was between the cow and the giant turtle.

The farm animals worked all night trying to unlock the secret code.

Back in his workshop Einstein worked on his army of potato heads that he would send on his revenge mission against the farmer.

The animals created decoys of themselves to fool the farmer.

The farmer's wife snuck out of the house to go meet with the farm animals.

The turtle was busy at work with the flat looking panda planning out the next move of their secret organization (the ZLG).

As part of the animals lost weekend of too much alcohol, they all ended up in the bath tub together.

The animals did not like what the farmer's wife had to say.

The farm animals worked on their latest plan.  When the farmer saw this he wondered if he would ever be safe from these animals.

The cow examined the copy of his manifesto freshly back from the printer.

The animals were hiding from the most recent visitors to the farm.

This was not the most strange event that had ever happened on the farm but the complexity of it worried the farmer.

The hiding animals didn't even notice the giant bird sneaking up behind them. This was not going to turn out well.

The animals took care of their most recent problem. This giant bird wouldn't be meddling in their buisness any more.

With a magic crystal ball the cow took a peek into the future.  Why was the crystal ball showing a duck?

The game changing moment for the animals was when Twink showed up at the farm with radical new mind opening and expanding ideas.

Twink, Kermit and the Cow went behind the barn to relax and plot against the farmer. Twink had some interesting new approaches to discuss.

The animals wondered how they had ended up behind bars. Who had turned them in?  Someone was going to pay a big price for this.

The farm animals lined up at the police station for their mug shots after being arrested for public nudity and possession of a controlled substance.

Twink bailed the farm animals out of jail. Unfortuantly he then celebrated by smoking a joint and got thrown in Jail himself.

The farmer hired "the Ginger bread man" to do his dirty work. He blind folded the cow and tortured him by hitting him over and over agin with his candy cane stick.